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There's too much coke

and too much smoke

and too much smoke
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things i like;

led zeppelin; linkin park; fall out boy; panic! at the disco; the hush sound; foo fighters; pearl jam; the doors; hawthorne heights; mae; from first to last; all-american rejects; bush; nirvana; audioslave; hoobastank; elvis presley; journey; britney spears; jessica simpson; toby keith; gretchen wilson; blaine larsen; kenny chesney; trace adkins; lynyrd skynyrd; jennifer lopez; OK Go; wilco;

tv shows;
friends; 21 jump street; csi; desperate housewives; saved by the bell; family guy; american idol; laverne & shirley;

cry-baby; pirates of the caribbean; equilibrium; the transporter; the transporter 2; corpse bride; charlie and the chocolate factory; fast and the furious; knockaround guys; a bronx tale; gattaca; october sky; walk the line; dukes of hazzard; shaft; the longest yard; happy gilmore; tommy boy;

johnny depp; christian bale; jonathan rhys meyers; reese witherspoon; brittany murphy; sandra bullock; rachel mcadams; ryan gosling; adam sandler; david spade; chris kattan;

21 jump street, a dozen furies, adf, agent sands, american idol, anthony federov, anthony michael hall, anything 80's, arizona dream, beastie boys, benny & joon, blow, blowfish, captain jack sparrow, chandler bing, chester bennington, chocolat, colorbars, communities, courtney cox arquette, cry-baby, cyndi lauper, david schwimmer, dax shepard, dead man, dennis booker, dirty dancing, don juan demarco, donnie brasco, doug penhall, ed wood, edward scissorhands, equilibrium, f-r-i-e-n-d-s, ferris bueller, finding neverland, flashdance, footloose, friends only banners, from hell, george jung, graphics, grease, guitar, holly robinson, icons, j.m. barrie, jenko, jennifer aniston, joey tribbiani, johnny depp, jonathan rhys-meyers, journey, judd harris, judy hoffs, kevin bacon, led zeppelin, linkin park, lisa kudrow, madonna, mario vasquez, matt leblanc, matthew lillard, matthew perry, mike shinoda, molly ringwald, monica gellar, mozart season, nick of time, oprah noodlemantra, orpheus 3.3, pat benatar, pearl jam, penhall, peter deluise, phoebe buffay, pirates of the caribbean, pretty in pink, private resort, rachel green, richard grieco, ross gellar, russell buckins, sal benducci, sal jenco, secret window, seth green, simple minds, sixteen candles, slamerino!, slap bracelets, sleepy hollow, steven williams, swing heil!, swing kids, tears for fears, the brave, the breakfast club, the mcquaid brothers, the police, the rock, the rundown, theme songs, thompson twins, tim burton, tom hanson, tv shows, undercover cops, unlimited claims, walking tall, weird science, what's eating gilbert grape, without a paddle