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There's too much coke [entries|friends|calendar]
and too much smoke

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[25 Oct 2006|07:37pm]
As you guys can see, I don't exactly update anymore. I haven't in a VERY long time in fact. I spend a lot of time on LJ, but on my icon journal, radiojunk.

I no longer post there because I've made a community to post my work at as well as letting certain other makers post there. It's hollywoodinc, definitely go join! My work/style has changed A LOT since I started making graphics, I think I've improved greatly, maybe not to you guys, but I think I have. Also, I post at captivatiions and simplepassion

Also, I have a few LIMS communities that I spend a lot of time with. They are: bspears_lims, depp_lims, entertain_lims & I'm trying to get evalong_lims up and running, it's not exactly working.

Anyhow, I happened to log in this name and decided to inform anyone who still looks back. Hope to see some of you guys at my community!

PS -- If you want to use any of my userpics, please credit me (radiojunk) since I made them, thanks!
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[06 Sep 2004|02:58am]

If you use this credit themcquiadbros

LIKES//21 jump street.johnny depp.christian bale.FRIENDS.desperate housewives.jonathan rhys-meyers.graphics.elvis.my ipod.fuze.linkin park.led zeppelin.ask for more.

PROMOS//if you plan on promoting to me, comment to this entry, and this entry only.all promos elsewhere will be deleted and ignored.you can promote any type of community, but i may not join.as far as rating comm. i can't guarantee i'll join.but i'll check it out at least.i do ask that you check out my communities in return.

FRIENDING//i'll add anyone, just ask.don't add me because you like my graphics.if thats the only reason you're adding me, make sure we have something in common and get to know me.be aware that i may rarely comment your journal if ever, i have a lot of people added and its hard to keep up.if you dont like people that dont comment, then dont add me.
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